Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nail of the Day: Shattered

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Black & Gold

Using the same high gloss black I wrote about here , I added some spark by applying one of OPI's shatter glosses.
Taken at night with flash.
  Used: 1 coat black, 1 coat OPI
Color: Very high gloss black, OPI Gold Shatter
Click below to read more about great pricing and application..
  1. Suprisingly this was my first time using an OPI Shatter Gloss. I found it at Marshall's for $3.99, which is great compared to the $8.50 and up OPI polishes cost everywhere else!!
  2. Gold Shatter OPI Polish is part of the OPI Shatter Collection.
  3. Only one coat is needed to creak the shatter affect. You want to apply it as you would any normal polish and it will shatter/crack on its own. Pretty cool!
  4. Make sure you finish with a top coat to protect your polish.

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