Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Did You Know: An Apple A Day

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..Keeps The Doctor Away & Keeps Your Skin Looking Young..

Can you tell I love fruit?!

Vitamins C, A and E- Citrus fruits, strawberries and many other fruits contain these vitamins which are important antioxidants that protect your body from the damage.

Phytonutrients- The pigments that make blueberries blue, rasperberries and cranberries red are called phytonutrients: powerful antioxidants that protect your body against cancer-causing radicals. They may also slow down the effects of aging!

The Brain- Studies have shown that a diet high in fruit can help prevent many of the symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer's and other deteriorating conditions of the brain.

strawberries have always been a favorite of mine

The USDA recommends at least five servings of fruit in your daily diet.
Tips to make it happen:
  1. Add fruit to breakfast cereal.
  2. Prepare fruit salads to last few days.
  3. Find recipes that contain fruit.
  4. Smoothies!(I make these at home all the time!) Check out a great fat burning recipe here and a good energy boosting smoothie here

** Fruit has also been shown to refresh the face, eliminate black spots, and smooth the skin.
Want to learn how to make your own facial toner using fruit in your fridge? Click here

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