Monday, October 8, 2012

First Impression: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

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Makeup Monday: Mineralize Me!
My First Impression of MAC's "Mineralize Skinfish Natural," or MSFN(including photos & swatches).
I went to the counter knowing my shade, my desired effect, the prices, my top choice (MSFN), and MOST IMPORTANTLY, not wanting to be sold things I wasn't there for LOL. I was looking for a setting powder similar to one of my other favs by a different brand that I wasn't willing to spend over $40 on, it needed to be light coverage, non-dewy, and photo well. My research and the clerk both agreed my best bet would be the Mineralize SkinFinish.
But we all know, research is one thing, taking it home and trying it out is another...

For more photos and pictures follow the jump!

 Face Powder, "baked to provide a dimensional finish..."-MAC
The powder gives a satin finish, not matte and not dewy. Finding a powder that set my foundation without altering it was important. I'm sure we've all been through the powders that were too light or too dark or completly altered the foundaiton once set. Because this powder is baked for over 24 hours it allows for the application to be sheer and light.
"Light Plus:" 2 layers applied dry
blended:outside no flash
 You can use them as finishing powders or by themselves as a light foundation. Little known fact, you can also apply MACs Mineralize SkinFinish Natural wet for a fuller coverage foundation. Run a dense brush under the faucet, swirl over the product and apply.

Coverage: Because MAC's Mineralize SkinFinish is a setting powder, it is not designed for high coverage. Keep this in mind before purchasing.
Finish: Setting the powder in light strokes or buffing delivers a natural matte finish, when the powder settles into the skin it creates the soft satin finish
Oil Control: If your skin is oily you may find yourself needing to touchup more often but because the powder is so light you should be able to do so without the fear of overdoing it. Worth giving a shot though it may not be the best choice, for oily skin I'd recommend finding a true matte powder.
*Make sure to use light sweeping motions then buff it in, you're setting your powder not adding another layer of foundation ;)
Lasting Power: As with any foundation it's important to set it and keep your powder of choice handy. I'd characterize my skin as normal/combination (neither oily or dry), and my typical M-F doesn't usually allow for much down-time to touch up, so on any given 9 hour day I may touch up once.

I took this picture after having worn the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for wow about 11 hours (I had errands, and appointments to run did my makeup at about 10:30am, and took this pic sometime after 9pm).

 For good measure this picture was taken AT NIGHT, IN THE DARK, WITH FLASH so that you can see how it truly behaves. I didn't touch it up at all, all day 11+ hours (I left it at home when I ran out the door oops)! At this point it'd be about due for a touchup and if that's what it looks like after 11 hours I'll take it lol.
 You can find yours here and it comes in 10 shades.
I've had this powder for about 2 weeks now and overall it's definitly a 'hit' for me.
 Hope you guys like my first product review <3 Let me know what you think of this powder. Do you have any other favs? =)


  1. Woo! I actually just tried this stuff out finally not too long ago, and I'm in love with it. It's so nice!

  2. Thanks for the comment Chaya, I love the finish!

  3. Hi kelly I like your blog and hope you do more reviews. How do you get the powder to blend into your arm Everytime I put on powders I look chalky.

  4. Thanks Bethany, I do plan to do more reviews. One of the easiest ways to get powder to blend is of course to try to match the shade to your complexion. A lot of times you can look chalky if the powder is too light for you or if using a white powder you can appear ghostly white in pictures. To make mine blend I look at 1) the shade 2) lightly dust it over my face..remember you're using it to set and extend the wear of your makeup not adding a 'layer' of color =)


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