Friday, October 5, 2012

Fashion Friday- OOTD!

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Outfit of the Day - HEAT WAVE!

Please excuse the lighting in my closet =)

We've been experiencing a heat-wave the last few months. I don't know about the rest of you but when my car is telling me it's 100* I'm far from a fan of that weather, and do everything in my power to stay inside, stay hydrated, and stay cool!

This particular day there were mandatory errands to run(this picture was taken over a weekend). So, live from my closet is a quick OOTD! I love off the shoulder tops, camis always come in handy, and who doesn't love accessories?!

Make sure you wear sunscreen to protect your skin. As a disclaimer I almost always forget. The only time I truly remember is if I happen to be going to the beach, or it's above 90*..However, makeup and lotions often have small SPF amounts packed in make sure to check yours.

Why should you wear sunscreen? Sunscreen is the one product that specifically helps protect against skincancer(the FDA says this has not necessarily been proven) and premature aging (wrinkles, fine lines, spots, etc). Largely sunscreen protects against sunburns so if you're at high-risk of sunburns(aka turning lobster red like I do), I'd make sure to put some on, it definitely helps protect you from that! ;)

Have a great weekend!

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