Thursday, August 2, 2012

Make it Yourself: Fat Burning Smoothie

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 I decided to try something a little different in my smoothie today, SPINACH!
AND you can't taste it at all! (bananas mask the taste)

I used "Fresh Selections" though you can use any type and I often switch it up 

BONUS: The combination of strawberries, spinach and bananas are referred to as a great "fat burning" smoothie, as the ingredients aid in digestion and are healthy sources of essential nutrients.

Want to make it yourself? Keep reading below..

What you'll need:
3.1 Banana
4. Orange Juice/or water

Blend it all together, the quantities are up to you and how much you want to drink, but I promise you it tastes great! It's always a treat  when something's delicious and good for you!!

-provide energy: restore your electrolyte balance
-promote cardiovascular health: great source of potassium which is linked to maintaing normal blood pressure and heart function
-natural antacid-protect against stomach ulcers
-digestion-normalize digestive function
-bananas are low in calories and the fiber content helps you feel full
- 1 cup alone provides: 181% daily recommended value for vitamin K, 56%  vitamin A, 15% folate, 14% vitamin C, and 13% manganese.
-There are also amounts of vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and calcium
-great source of natural fiber
-Contain potassium, vitmain C, Vitman K, folic acid, vitman B5
-The dietary fiber in strawberries keeps digestion regular, lowers blood pressure and curbs overeating.

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