Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tip

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  • Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and mineral, fiber, and other substances important for good health.
  • Most fruits and vegetables are filling and low in calories & fat.
  • Both fruits and vegetables contain many antioxidants that help protect the body against oxidant stress, diseases, and help develope and boost immunity
  • The high levels of fiber help keep your digetive system healthy and toned. *If you're vegan or vegetarian like me, make sure you're eating vegetables in order to get the protein you're lacking elsewhere.
    First of all, it is proven that vegetables contain a number of antioxidants that may help to stop certain cancers from forming in the body.
    These antioxidants like vitamin C also help the body to repair after long bouts of stress and illness and help to protect the body in the future. Tomatoes, for example, include lycopene which can even help to protect your eyes from sight problems.

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